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The Alliance of Community-led Health Improvement Organisations

SCHW Consortium Model

SCHW has developed a consortium model to support groups of SCHW organisations to work closely together, to share expertise and experience and to apply for joint funding.  To date the model has successfully attracted over £350,000 into SCHW organisations and around 25% of SCHW organisations have been involved in consortium groups.  A leaflet on the model has been produced and can be accessed here. SCHW Consortium Model

‘Winning for Women’ (WforW) Project

SCHW is increasingly concerned about the impact of the current economic and social conditions on the lives of women and girls in areas of multiple deprivation. Case studies indicate an increasing sense of disempowerment, social isolation and a sense of hopelessness and, particularly for young single mums an increasing battle to cope effectively. These situations are frequently accompanied by social and psychological difficulties, self-harm and substance abuse. “Winning for Women” builds on the collective experience of SCHW organisations in working with disadvantaged women and girls. The project will develop a systematic approach to addressing the problems being experienced by women in areas of multiple deprivation.  

“Winning for Women” will be delivered by a SCHW consortium of 8 well-established SCHW anchor organisations across Scotland. “Winning for Women” faces some major challenges. It will require all of the well-embedded networks and partnerships of the SCHW organisations to make a difference to the women and girls in the communities involved. Each SCHW partner organisation will engage local women and girls in an active WforW project group to support the delivery of the project. The project will focus on working with individuals and groups of women on personal outcome planning. Project staff in the SCHW organisations will use a social prescribing model to respond to the needs of individuals and to support group activities. The aim is to develop the skills and confidence for the women and girls to take control over their lives and self manage their journeys to a healthier and happier future.  

Referrals to “Winning for Women” will come from a variety of sources including GPs, social services, community groups, SCHW organisations own activities and self-referrals.  It is anticipated that each partner organisation will work with 80-100 women and girls each year.  (A total of around 1200 women and girls over two years). The project will also be supporte by a “Winning for Women” senior worker who will be a member of staff in each of the partner organisations. It will also be promoted through the organisations’ websites and through local networks in which the SCHW organisation staff are already very engaged.

We should know the outcome of our bid in March fingers crossed x8

The Social Prescribing Project

The Healthy Living Centre Alliance in Northern Ireland (HLCA) and Scottish Communities for Health and Wellbeing (SCHW) are alliances of community led health and wellbeing improvement organisations.  Staff from both organisations have developed strong links over the past few years.  Both organisations have recently undertaken community led pilot programmes in social prescribing in 2 locations in Northern Ireland and in 5 locations in Scotland.  This common agenda brought the two organisations together to consider how the lessons learned from the pilot programmes could be shared and applied across a wider range of communities in both regions.  

The evaluations of the programmes in each country highlighted they had a very positive impact on the individuals engaged in the community based health improvement pathways. The programmes operated in real partnerships with a range of agencies, including GP practices that referred individuals to the projects with social prescriptions.  It was obvious to all those engaged in the projects that they had the potential to address many of the issues facing health and social care services.

SCHW and the HLCA are made up of well established community led health and wellbeing improvement organisations, embedded in some of the most disadvantaged areas in both countries.  They are anchor organisations, respected and trusted in their communities.  They are in a unique position to not only develop strong partnerships with GP practices and other local organisations and care services but also to provide and deliver a wide range of activities and support to respond to individual needs identified in a social prescription  and social outcomes in personal health pathways.

SCHW and the HLCA have submitted a joint bid to the Big Lottery Fund UK  to seek a significant investment in accelerating the use of social prescribing across more communities in Scotland and Northern Ireland. We should know the outcome of the bid in March.