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What do you do when you feel isolated in your own home? How do you gain the confidence to get out and enjoy your community and meet people? These are real questions for many people in communities across Scotland who suffer from a range of long-term health issues.The SCHW Out and About Project has been chosen by the Health and Social Care Alliance as a case study as part of the evaluation of the Self Management IMPACT fund.  The evaluation report should be made public early in 2017.  The evaluation indicated that;

“Out and About’s strength came from the fact that the support was provided by existing community organisations which were known by members of the community, which people reported they were more comfortable with, rather than approaching statutory agencies.”

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SCHW Consortium Model

SCHW has developed a consortium model to support groups of SCHW organisations to work closely together, to share expertise and experience and to apply for joint funding.  To date the model has successfully attracted over £350,000 into SCHW organisations and around 25% of SCHW organisations have been involved in consortium groups.  A leaflet on the model has been produced and can be accessed here. SCHW Consortium Model