The Alliance of Community-led Health Improvement Organisations

SCHW Response to the Guidance on Preparing a Strategic Plan for the Integration of Health and Social Care

SCHW has submitted a response to the Health and Social Care Alliance on the draft Guidance. Our comments are available. Read More

Summary of SCHW contact with the Scottish Government and the NHS.

Read More

NHS can’t fix the health gap between rich and poor.

Call for more investment in voluntary and community health initiatives to counter Scotland's health inequality 7th January 2015 by Susan Smith. Read More

Report calls for new approaches to addressing health inequalities in Scotland

Stark health inequalities between rich and poor areas of Scotland will not be tackled without a broader range of initiatives, according to a major report published today.

An inquiry by the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee has found that the gap in life expectancy between rich and poor remains persistently wide, despite significant investment in tackling health inequalities in Scotland since devolution. Read More

New approach called for to tackle health inequalities in Scotland


Despite significant investment in tackling health inequalities in Scotland since devolution, the gap between rich and poor remains persistently wide, according to an inquiry by the Health and Sport Committee.

Source: Scottish Government Website.  Read More

"Saving Money by doing the right thing"

"Saving Money by doing the right thing" is an excellent report by Locality a nationwide network of community enterprises, development trusts, settlements and social action centres.  It offers a refreshingly alternative and compelling argument and guide to the ways in which public services need to change (at no additional cost!) to provide more effective support for improving health and wellbeing. A key theme of the argument is that services are 'local by default'. The case studies of individuals situations are excellent This is well worth the time invested in reading its 50 pages.

Community Anchors

What Works Scotland aims to improve the way local areas in Scotland use evidence to make decisions about public service development and reform.

What Works Scotland is working with Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) and

stakeholder partners to achieve its aims, namely to:

• Identify and better understand what is working and not working in public service delivery

  in Scotland, and how we can translate knowledge from setting to setting.

• Contribute to the development of a Scottish model of service delivery that brings about

  transformational change for people living in different places across Scotland. Read More

Community Learning Exchange

The Community Learning Exchange, hosted by Scottish Community Alliance, is now into its second year of funding. 98 applications have been supported so far, with 145 organisations benefiting.

The Community Learning Exchange newsletter on the 'news' page. which includes good examples, provides details of the excellent Community Learning Exchange Programme. The programme once again provides financial support for host organisations and visiting organisations who want to share good practice and expertise. This comes highly recommended. Read More.

Realising the Value : Ten key actions to put people and communities at the heart of health and wellbeing (November 2016)

It is not often that a report comes along that makes sense in the real world and clearly values the work of community led health and well-being improvement organisations. This is a good reference report to support funding applications with good references and good use of evidence to support arguments and to support good practice in communities. Even better it is supported by the NHS in England.

Try this..."Person and community-centred ways of working need to become widely understood and valued as core to the whole health and care system, not just 'nice to have'. They need to be woven into not just the infrastructure of the system but also the culture of how things are done".

This report is full of good stuff. Give it a read along with "Saving money by doing the right thing' by Locality. Read Here

Outline of an Offer to the Scottish Goverment

Time to Redress the Balance

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