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Scottish Communities for Health and Wellbeing

Community-led health organisations aim to improve the health and wellbeing of people in their surrounding area. There are currently 74 organisations operating in Scotland, they employ over 500 staff, involve 3000 active volunteers and engage over 300,000 beneficiaries each year. The Scottish Healthy Living Centre Alliance aims to embed community-led approaches to health improvement in communities across Scotland and to reduce health inequalities wherever they occur.  The growth in the number of Alliance organisations has prompted a name change to Scottish Communities for Health and Wellbeing to encompass the character of the wide range of organisations.

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For more information on the Scottish Communities for Health & Wellbeing and what we do in your area get in touch with us using the contact form Here

The Alliance of Community-led Health Improvement Organisations

Latest Updates

“Inequality is Not Inevitable – A guide for Inequality Activists” by The Equality Trust 2016. This helpful, practical report is full of excellent information and ideas on lobbying decision makers, including templates for letters and useful sources of information as well as tips on writing press releases and “pitching your story” and good reasons for joining the Equality trust. Worth a read. Access at

Realising the Value : Ten key actions to put people and communities at the heart of health and well-being (November 2016) Read Here

SCHW 2016 Annual Report

The SCHW 2016 Annual report is now in the Resources section. it is a good guide to what gas been happening over this year and the quite exciting devleopments currently taking place. Read Here

The Community Learning Exchange, hosted by Scottish Community Alliance.

The Community Learning Exchange newsletter on the 'news' page. which includes good examples, provides details of the excellent Community Learning Exchange Programme. The programme once again provides financial support for host organisations and visiting organisations who want to share good practice and expertise. This comes highly recommended. Read Here

What Works Now

Interesting and useful report of research into community Anchor organisations from What Works Scotland, Nov 2015 Read Here

What Works Scotland aims to improve the way local areas in Scotland use evidence to

make decisions about public service development and reform. Read Here

The Divide

An interesting and thought provoking film has been released and is available for Community screenings.  “The Divide –what happens when the rich get richer” is an excellent documentary and is a great stimulus to a discussion of current issues and problems.  To find out how to arrange a community screening and discussion go to. Read Here

Asset based Approaches (New Book)

An excellent new book : “Asset based approaches: Their Rise, Role and Reality (Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care) has recently, May 2016, been published and provides very useful material and arguments on the role of community-led approaches to health improvement.  Link Here

The Emerging Future

An offer to the Scottish Government from Scottish Communities for Health and Wellbeing. Read Here

Important for SCHW Members

It is important when a case is being made to the Scottish Government band or to other funders that we provide evidence of the amazing resource Scotland has in its community-led health improvement organisations.

Read Here

Saving Money by doing the right thing" is an excellent report by  Locality', a nationwide network of community enterprises, development trusts, settlements and social action centres. Read Here

NHS can’t fix the health gap between rich and poor. Call for more investment in voluntary and community health initiatives to counter Scotland's health inequality 7th January 2015 by Susan Smith. Read Here

This Is My Choice Project from COPE Scotland on Vimeo.

The Out and About Project

The Out and About Project which is being delivered by 5 SCHW organisations has produced a learning resource based on the experience of delivering the project for the last 2 years. The Learning Resource focuses on the role and impact of community led health anchor organisations working with Community Health Navigators in 5 very diverse communities.

The OAA project has a focus on re-connecting individuals who have, for a wide variety of reasons including long term health and wellbeing conditions, become isolated from their friends, family and communities.  It is hoped that the Learning Resource will encourage other SCHW organisations to apply for funding to deliver similar projects.

The Learning Resource can be accessed clicking this link. Out And About

The Emerging Future:

SCHW is delighted to present a detailed offer to help the Scottish Government. We have a vision and a firm determination to see Scotland at the top of European health league tables with communities placed central to this transformation and we believe this transition has already started. Change for the good is happening in Scotland and the Scottish Government and Scotland can be leading the way in Europe and in the UK and we are offering to help.

Over the past 4 years many SCHW organisations have been visited by academics, policy makers and practitioners interested in our approaches to mental health and health improvement, community-led dimensions and volunteering. Representatives from Canada, Denmark, Northern Ireland to name but a few and we have established a longer term relationship with them. We are definitely at the forefront in many ways; however, we have a long way to go to truly reduce inequalities and poverty and to establish a healthier and fairer society. SCHW can help. Read Here

Case Study for Self Management Fund Evaluation

The SCHW Out and About Project has been chosen by the Health and Social Care Alliance as a case study for the evaluation of the Self Management IMPACT fund.  The evaluation report should be made public early in 2017.  The evaluation indicated that

“Out and About’s strength came from the fact that the support was provided by existing community organisations which were known by members of the community, which people reported they were more comfortable with, rather than approaching statutory agencies.”

See link here: Out and About